About NCFL

for-EN-sics: n. the art of formal public speaking and presentation.

de-BATE: n. a formal discussion on a particular topic.

Academic forensics and debate teams take part in a variety of oral communication competitions. Students research, develop, practice, and deliver their performances which include speeches, interpretations or dramatizations of literature, and debates. Forensics competitors present a polished performance about 10 minutes in length, while debate students interact with students from other schools and respond orally to arguments presented from the opposing team.

Although students perform as individuals or in small groups, involvement in forensics and debate almost always means being part of a larger team that practices, travels, and competes together. Tournaments often have various team awards in addition to individual awards. Students also get many opportunities to interact with and learn from students from other schools.

To learn more about the events sponsored by the NCFL, visit the Competition Events page.