Join the NCFL

Why join us?

This organization is dedicated to providing quality speech and debate competitions at the national level. The NCFL offers a wide variety of competition events and the tournaments are held in venues across the country. The Grand National Tournament is always held during Memorial Day weekend.

Benefits for students

Competing with students from all over the country exposes participants to a wide variety of styles and materials. The three judges in each of the four (speech/interp) or five (debate) rounds on Saturday will each provide written critiques of every performance, guaranteeing twelve or fifteen ballots from a diverse pool of judges. Students participating in the Grand National Tournament not only have the chance to see the best, they have the chance to be the best... in the nation!

Benefits for coaches

Attending the Grand National Tournament gives coaches a chance to see and learn from the best, as well as allowing their students to reach their fullest potential. The NCFL is an all-volunteer organization, run for coaches, by coaches. We offer a low-cost alternative to larger organizations that have paid staff and offices. We can also provide you with coach mentors because we are committed to the continued growth of forensics.

Benefits for schools

The many trophies awarded to schools and leagues demonstrate our commitment to recognizing excellence. Beyond the hardware, a school participating in the NCFL will be a member of a prestigious national organization. Participation in a national competition and positive press releases are valuable in garnering community support for your school.

Who can join?

Any Catholic, public, or private high school located within the geographical boundaries of the United States of America and Canada is eligible for membership in the NCFL (with some exceptions detailed in the Constitution, Article III). Students who enter the Grand National Tournament as contestants must be current high school undergraduate students who have not attended a secondary school during more than 9 semesters.  Graduate students are permitted to enter only in the academic year of graduation.  All 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th year secondary school students may be members.  Ninth and 10th graders in junior high schools may participate either with their local high school or as members of the junior high school.

Home Schools are welcome to join the local leagues, and the NCFL, and compete, but only one per local league will count towards the league’s membership quota.

Dues, costs

The cost to join the NCFL is currently $50, if by December 10. Local Leagues may levy additional fees or costs as they see fit in addition to the NCFL fees. The cost to enter a student at the Grand National Tournament is $60 per student. These costs do not include travel costs, late fees, penalties, or fines, or other fees or surcharges that may be imposed by a local league.

How does a school join?

To join the NCFL, a school must be a member of a Local League.

Finding a league near you

To find the league nearest you, check the Point of Contacts page.
If there is no league in your region, you can start one.

Starting your own league

To form a new league, review the New League Information document and contact a member of the Executive Council for assistance. We welcome new members and are happy to assist you.