Important 2015 Tournament Reminders

Some important dates to make note of:

  • Congress Legislation is due on April 1st to Michael Vigars at  Diocesan League Directors should send one piece of legislation from each League for Prelims and another piece for Elims to be considered for the docket.
  • Online registration without penalty is due no later than April 15th.
  • The Fee Schedule, Moderator Signature and Information Form, and registration fees must be postmarked not later than April 15th.
  • Extemp questions may be submitted until April 23, 2015 at
  • LD Topic Voting will take place in the next two weeks.  The LD Topic will be announced on/about March 31.
  • PF Topic Voting will take place approximately April 4-11.  The PF Topic will be announced on/about April 15.
  • Check out the Fort Lauderdale Nationals website at for specific tournament related material.